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Final Charity Update

I just heard back from the A's and they talked with Aramark. They're going to offer us meal vouchers, which include a hot dog, chips, soda and a cookie. They're going to give them to us at the discounted rate of $6.25 per voucher.

So, the good news is that it will allow us to purchase eight tickets and should supply meal vouchers for nearly all the games (the ticket rep suggested that we have only 80 percent meal vouchers because he said that inevitably not all the tickets will be used).

I'll be making the final purchase on Monday and likely delivering the tickets on Wednesday to Sports4Kids. The question is, how do I divide the tickets? Perhaps I need capper3's input on this, but do we give six to Sports4Kids and two to the battered women's shelter for all forty games? Or do we give four to each organization for all forty or do we just give all eight tickets to Sports4Kids for 30 games and eight tickets for the battered women's shelter for 10 games?

I added a poll below for you to chime in.