Link Dump 2/27: grover is banned from this DLD

I'm just kidding. grover and his trollish behavior is welcome here. ;)

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Lots of links. I didn't read any of them. <shrugs>
Williams tired of 'idiot' Thomas
Sox' GM puts hurt on Thomas
This whole mess with No. 35 brings back memories of No. 33
Williams angered by Thomas' comments
Guillen steers clear of Williams-Thomas feud
Guillen butts out
White Sox's GM takes big rips at 'Big Hurt'

Susan Slusser writes:

Manager Ken Macha suggested Sunday at Papago Park that Chavez might DH every other day in order to rest his chronically sore right shoulder (as a preventative measure), and the third baseman might sit on back-to-back days if need be. Crosby, Oakland's shortstop, will be brought along even more slowly. Crosby threw at a distance of 120 feet Sunday ("Best I've felt,'' he said), but he, too, might serve as designated hitter from time to time.

More items of interest from the same link:

  • Harden will throw to batters today, and his next outing could be in a simulated game. Harden is now participating in all fielding drills.
  • Gerald Perry was pleased with Thomas' second day in the batting cage.
  • Of the new pitchers, Chad Gaudin has drawn the most notice.
  • Dan Meyer, Shane Komine and Adam Johnson will pitch against South Africa on Saturday. Don't expect to see many regulars in that game.