ANtics That Never Saw the Light of Day


If you'd prefer to think this is all magic, instead read the latest on Milton Bradley!)

Unfortunately for me, the ANtics don't just up and write themselves... which means every once in a while, one of my half-baked ideas turns out to be just that... half-baked. Usually I catch myself before getting all the way through a strip, but sometimes, they're all written up before I realize it's a creative disaster.

BaseballGirl uncovered one of these "Extra" comics around Zito's Zen Routine last week and posted it to a DLD. In the interest of fairness, I've included it here as well.

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On another occasion, I had written up a comic that examined the A's behavior during a losing streak. It wasn't a good time during the 2005 season, and wasn't much positive to cover.

Yet, on the day the ANtics were set to publish, Chavez banged out 2 home runs, and the A's won in a 12-3 romp. That meant the comic wouldn't have made any sense, and so it was quickly scrapped, never to find a good date for publication.

(I made the Chavez comic during the game after he had already hit 2 homers, and finished it as the teams were walking off the field - phew!)

So, the one below is a "never before seen" draft that is now being unearthed in an exclusive here. With Rincon gone now, this is likely his first and only ANtics appearance...

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See - I told you they weren't any good, but I thought we'd share due to the fact the ANtics are as much yours as they are mine, and I thought maybe someone would enjoy the Director's Cut DVD without being forced to purchase the box set.

More ANtics are coming through 2006 - if you have good pictures or ideas for comics, send them at any time.

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