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MS Battle of the Bay Charity Chat

Justin and Michele Duchscherer are sponsoring an event down in Phoenix on March 11th called the MS Battle of the Bay.

The event will pit members of our Oakland Athletics against members of the Giants in the video game MLB 2K6. It will raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society through ticket purchases and silent auction, so it's for a great cause. I encourage anyone going to spring training to consider buying a ticket for the event. Even if you aren't going, you can buy a ticket and you'll be entered in the raffle to win a boat! And if you're going, you can go and mock the Giants players trying to take down our A's which is always a bonus.

To adequately prepare ANers for this event, three members of the A's agreed to participate in a quick chat. What follows is the transcript of that chat.

Please support the wonderful Duchscherer family in this great cause. Enjoy the chat with Justin, Dan Johnson and Charles Thomas.

Blez: Will you guys get some time to practice with the game?

Charles Thomas: I have plenty of time but there's no need. What kind of a man would I be if I was afraid of a "Little Giant" competition.

Dan Johnson: I'm watching American Idol I'm too busy to answer this question. Catch me on the next one.

Blez: Who is most likely to stay up until 3 a.m. with the game?

Justin Duchscherer: I've come to terms with the fact that I am the biggest game geek there is on this team. Just ask my wife.

Blez: Who will talk the most trash?

CT: Swisher. Because he talks the most period.

DJ: Yeah what he said.

Blez: Which player will be the most likely to surprise?

DJ: Haren. Because he's the one who always bangs BP to go in and play video games.

Blez: Any one want to pull a Babe Ruth and call their shot?

CT: I'm just hoping to get a shot to play as myself with all these guys that are playing.

DJ: Any shots that I'll be callin' will be to the bartender!

Blez: Who's most likely to try and enter a code to get an advantage?

Thomas: Anyone on our team that has a subscription to Nintendo Power.....I'm not naming any names.

Duke: Too bad Harden's not playing!

Blez: Who is your go-to pitcher in a must-win game in 2K6?

Duke: Me of course.

Blez: Rumor has it that Swisher wasn't happy with his body proportions in a video game in 2005. What do you think of his likeness in the game?

Duke: If it was true to proportion his head would be significantly larger.

DJ: The only way he would like the game is if he went to the plate with his shirt off.

CT: Enough said.

Blez: Which one of Giants players do you most want to beat in the game?

DJ: All of them. We're bringing the hardware home to Oakland.

Justin: All kidding aside I think this will be a fun event regardless of the outcome.

Thomas: Thanks for the invite I'm really looking forward to it.

DJ: It should be fun but we already know what the outcome is. We take home a 2x3 trophy and raise money for a really good cause.

I want to thank Michele Duchscherer in her assistance in setting all this up. For more information on how to get tickets and be a part of this, go to