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A Frickin' Shame

Bill King will not be honored by being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. Gene Elston was the choice instead of our beloved King. Elston did have a longer tenure with his team than Bill King did.

But a part of the voting is supposed to also include the fan's perspective and Bill King overwhelming blew away the competition in the online nomination vote. I have nothing against Elston, but King deserved to be honored this year in the year of his unexpected passing.

I mourn today that Bill wasn't given that moment in front of all of baseball yet. Of course, he'll be back in the running next year and the year after that until he gets in, if AN has anything to say about it. The funny thing is that King would've probably said that it doesn't matter to him. But he deserves his place among the rest of baseball's immortals.

Until then, he'll remain immortal in those who matter most. A's fans.