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Cindi's Off-Season Thread-Thing!

OK, everyone who's a meanie please go away, because I only get to write one thread-thing every off-season and this is it so deal with it, ok? But I have big news I have to share with you. Guess what it is...Give up?...

I'm doing fantasy baseball!!!!!!!!!!! I know, can you believe it? Last year, I barely knew anything about baseball and now I know enough to have my own team--and I just know my team is going to finish in top place! (I'm thinking, "how hard can it be?")

So the team is called Cindi's Hotties, and I have an awesome plan because I'm really taking this seriously. It's not going to be like, "Oh, he's so hot so I just have to draft him." When I'm drafting hotties, I'm going to make sure my team is totally balanced and everything. Like I'm actually making a list of everyone's birthdays, so that if my second-baseman is a Libra and my third-baseman is an Aquarius, then I can make sure that my fourth-baseman is a Gemini, or whatever. I'm also going to do lots of informational interviews to learn as much strategy as I can, like I'm planning to discuss OBP with my OBPYN, because I figure she must know what it is. (And I need to see her anyway, for reasons I will not be discussing here, and Wendi don't you dare say anything. I'm serious, if you do I'll write a whole diary about the shower incident. Oh yes I will.)

So not to change the subject, but guess who I hate? And the winner is...Ms. Templeton, otherwise known as the History teacher from just south of Hell. Seriously, she is SO bad. Want an example, oh I'm glad you asked. OK, so she gives a test, and one of the questions is, "Who was at the Round Table with King Arthur?" So I put, "Rue McClanahan and Betty White, but I can't remember the other one's name at the moment." And she doesn't even give me partial credit! Omigod!!! It's stuff like that that makes you wonder why they let just anyone walk into a store and buy a teaching credential. It's totally not fair.

OK, so Nico will be back tomorrow when...pitchers and catchers report! I'm not sure what they're reporting on, but I hope it's more interesting than Sandi's History report on Wednesday. I mean nice try and everything, Sandi, but seriously, you took us to Yawn City, popluation: everyone in the room. Anyway, I'm out of time, so byeeeee everyone, I love you all, and just like you I can't wait for Grand Opening Night! Byeeeeee!!!!!!

-Cindi (with hearts for the dots over both i's today to celebrate Cindi's Hotties!!!)