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Open Thread: It's Heeeeere

Since tomorrow and Saturday are Nico's days, I figured I'd just write and say the magical words are about to be said in regards to our green and gold. "Pitchers and catchers report."

Yes, the 2006 season is nearly upon us.

It also means that the World Baseball Classic is starting in only two weeks or so. I wrote a post about how the WBC is not important to me.

This story has made me rethink things a bit. Eric Chavez has almost become legendary in that he starts slowly every single season.

But perhaps if Chavez were to play for a team (it sounds like Mexico isn't an option anymore), maybe he would get his early season struggles out of the way? Maybe the routine of Phoenix isn't enough to get Chavez's competitive juices going?

Part of me thinks Chavez feels this way too when you read this quote from him:

"You never know, A-Rod could change his mind, and I'd love to play for the U.S.," Chavez said. "But if not, this would be something different, a way to get some quality at-bats in a real competition situation."

"...a way to get some quality at-bats in a real competition situation." Hmmmm...that sounds to me like facing pitchers in spring training who will often throw a different and more predictable sequence of pitches doesn't allow him to get into season rhythm. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but maybe I'm not. So perhaps getting Chavez in some competition that means something could be beneficial and if that's the case, heck, bring on the tournament. Now if there was only some way to get A-Rod out of the way...