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AN Comes Through, Big Time

Ladies and Gents,

AN has gone far beyond the call of duty on this one. We have raised a total of $4,450.00 thus far, and a few more PayPal check payments still need to be cleared. I'm stopping taking payments at 6 p.m. PST. That's about an hour from now. Some have asked if I'm taking donations any other way than PayPal and unfortunately, I'm not. It would just be too confusing. This way it's much clearer. I apologize to those who've been burnt by PayPal in the past.

As for our total, this means six season tickets and at least $2,050 in meal bucks for the kids. And that's even IF Aramark doesn't come through with a donation.

I'm sorry this has been occupying the front page all week, but I figured we sacrifice a week's worth of A's talk in January for the good of future A's fans.

I'll give you an update tomorrow after I purchase the tickets and a final count on the food bucks next week once all the money clears through PayPal. I've never been more proud of this community. I'm hoping to drop the tickets off a week from next Monday.

Thanks so much to everyone who has given so generously. If people ever wondered who the best fans in the world are, they need look no further than this.