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Piazza Official; $8.5 Million for 2007

Yes, folks, the A's now have one of the greatest hitting catchers of all time. Problem is, he won't be a catcher for the A's. He'll be taking Frank Thomas' role as the team DH and if the A's happen to seek another bat who could possibly be a DH, then Piazza could possibly play first base. But that isn't what he was signed for.

I outlined the reasons I like and don't like the Piazza signing the other day so I won't rehash that. But I'll just reiterate that I don't think Piazza will be the type of hitter who can carry the team. If the A's don't sign or trade for another bat for 2007, they're going to need Dan Johnson, Eric Chavez, Bobby Crosby and Mark Ellis to all be vastly improved in 2007 to help pick up the slack.

One last lesson...THIS is Mike PiAzza:

THIS is pizza:

I just wanted to make sure that we were really clear about that before the 8 million misspellings start.

The A's have had a good day today, improving both their offense, bullpen and possibly their current group of starting pitching under contract (if you count Kennedy moving to the rotation to replace Saarloos or whomever the A's had pegged). I still think they could use one more bat for the outfield, but there is still plenty of time left in the hot stove.