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Zito in Texas? Perry with Cubs? Black with Padres? WTF?

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The news is coming fast and furious. Apparently, Barry Zito is considering Texas as a possible destination.

My take is that I don't think Zito is likely to wind up in Texas simply because Barry loves the spotlight and baseball is second fiddle in Texas. Zito seems like a guy who really wants to be a star and not just a baseball player and he can accomplish that much more easily in a market like Los Angeles or New York. I still expect the Mets and Dodgers to be amongst the finalists for Zito's services. And the Yankees, of course.

Gerald Perry is apparently going to be rejoining Lou Piniella's staff as hitting coach in Chicago. Wow, the A's are starting to go through hitting coaches like Van Halen goes through lead singers. Thad Bosley, Dave Hudgens and now Gerald Perry. I can't say that this is a big loss because the A's offense wasn't exactly electric this season, but I'm hoping that the A's can find someone who can help our boys get over the inevitable baseball slumps that come. And hell, maybe the new guy can develop a system whereby he whacks Bobby Crosby's with a bag of oranges (to avoid bruising) every time he tries to pull a slider outside of the zone.

Apparently, Bud Black is off the A's manager candidate list. I'm disappointed because a couple of my top favorites (Wash and Black) are now coaching elsewhere. At the same time, at least the Angels have officially lost their very, very good pitching coach. This is a pitching coach who has been able to deal with the head case that is Slingblade and make him look like a Cy Young candidate at times. Of the remaining candidates for the A's, Hillman has become my top choice.

One thing is for sure, the A's are going to have some very fresh blood amongst their coaches. Let's hope it's for the better. Woe is the day that we're wishing that we had Ken Macha and Dave Hudgens back.

I'm trying to get to those player grades, but apparently the hot stove started early this year with the coaching carousel.