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We've actually organized the first ever SportsBlogs Nation Awards. And while many of them were announced while I was on vacation (most of them pretty predictable like Leyland winning AL Manager of the year), I did want to point to one particular one. AL MVP.

Here are the results from the inaugural SBN AL MVP voting (note, only AL teams and general baseball sites had votes for this).

My personal ballot looked like this:


1. Joe Mauer
2. Frank Thomas
3. Jermaine Dye
4. Derek Jeter
5. Justin Morneau
6. David Ortiz
7. Travis Hafner
8. Vlad Guerrero
9. Pudge Rodriguez
10. Johan Santana

To me, a team that's in the running for the playoffs up until the very end of the season is a prerequisite for this award. Otherwise, Hafner probably would've been close to my top choice. And Ortiz would've been higher.