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Bud Black Interviews/More Hillman Insight

The A's managerial opening continues to bring interviewees to meet with Billy Beane and Lewis Wolff. The latest is Bud Black, the Angels pitching coach and someone that I would love to have as the A's next manager. I think Black is going to make an excellent manager and he would also be an addition by subtraction factor in the AL West where Black has helped the Angels pitchers become dominant figures in baseball.

At the same time, I had an interesting discussion yesterday with Adam at SB Nation site Lone Star Ball.

He is scared that the A's might sign Trey Hillman to be the A's new manager. He pointed me to this piece in the except Newberg Report.

Adam went on to say this about Hillman:

very personable, has a reputation as a great communicator, strong player development skills. Grady Fuson -- who was very respected by those in the D/FW media while he was with the Rangers, and whom everyone wanted to replace Hart in 2004, when Buck backstabbed him -- has always spoken extremely highly of him, which is part of the reason I think the D/FW press corps was so pro-Hillman.

He also has a reputation as someone who works and plays well with others, which, after Buck, was a huge plus.

It sounds like the type of guy that would be perfect to replace Ken Macha. He also has the strong player development skills, which are extremely important for a manager on the A's given their usual influx of young talent. Also, Hillman had Fuson's endorsement which could signal that he understands the style of play that the Athletics implement.

Regardless, I'm suddenly a lot more intrigued by Hillman and excited about the prospect of Bud Black. Then again, if the Padres jump on either one, I don't expect Beane to suddenly get into a bidding war for the manager. Billy seems intent on making sure that he gets the right person for the job this time, as was pointed out in an excellent diary by gmoneymcg yesterday.

Then again, I still expect Geren to be among the finalists given his relationship with Billy Beane and the fact that he knows probably better than any of these guys how the A's like to do things.

I don't have a problem with the A's taking their time and making the right choice.