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One Last Push

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Fellow ANers, I beseech you to take several moments of your time today to vote for Bill King for the Ford C. Frick Award and entrance into the Baseball Hall of Fame. There is a link to it right on the A's home page.

It may come two years too late as he should've enjoyed this while he was with us, but it should happen in 2007. No, it NEEDS to happen in 2007.

Athletics Nation was a huge part in getting King into the finalists for the award in 2006 and we need to send a message to Cooperstown and the voters that King is going to be in there every year until they give the man his due recognition.

King gave A's fans so much pleasure and aural joy throughout his life here in Oakland. Help him become a part of history whereas his legend will be shared with all who visit Cooperstown for decades to come.

Please help get Bill King into the Hall of Fame where he deserves.