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Coming Into Focus

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As we inch ever closer to December, the rumors are starting to develop into a pretty picture. I love this month because the A's are always active in this month and usually pull off some major move right around my birthday. If recent rumors are to be believed, the A's lineup will start 2007 looking something like this:


I still think that Billy Beane would like to take a look at Trot Nixon as he's a player that is an ideal Oakland Athletic (as opposed to Floyd). Yes, Nixon spends a ton of time on the DL. Oh wait, that's not what I meant, I meant that he's a patient hitter.

But I like the look of that lineup. Floyd is a big risk coming off an Achilles Heel injury, but when healthy he can be a huge power source. That lineup has a much more spread out look to it than last year's where Frank Thomas was expectedly the only feared hitter in the lineup. This time, opponents would have to run the gauntlet of Bradley, Piazza and Floyd in a bunch. And the bottom half of the lineup could also be a power source with Swisher, Chavez and Crosby all capable of putting up 20-30 home runs.

The thing is that I would expect that you could put this lineup on the field for right around the same amount that Frank Thomas would've cost to keep around, especially if Floyd is open to signing an incentive-laden contract.

I'm not saying any of this is for sure, but the fun of December is just around the corner and putting realistic pieces (i.e. players not named Manny or A-Rod) in place begins to become a fun exercise.

Would you be happy with a lineup like that? Do you think it would be better than last year's collection of talent given that the team is healthier than 2006?