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As A's fans, we have many things to be thankful for, from two decades of Bill King to a long run listening to the Voice of God. So, as I started this the first few weeks after AN was born I figured I'd remind everyone what A's fans have to thankful for on this bountiful holiday. Given that many are still upset over the potential move to Fremont, the choice for manager and the A's apparently incompetent medical staff, it's a good time to reflect on what's great about being an A's fan.

  • 2006 was the year the A's finally got over the hump and at least won a playoff round...against a team that many felt would walk all over our green and gold muppets. They finally closed out a series.
  • A competitive team year in and year out. I know I say this often, but we're really spoiled as A's fans. I was talking with one of my buddies, who happens to be a Pirates fan and he told me that we've become a bit obnoxious as A's fans because we expect to win. While I don't expect people to start considering us Yankee fans just yet, this team is competitive even in "rebuilding" years.
  • The best play-by-play radio voice in baseball. We all miss Bill King horribly, but it isn't often that a legend replaces a legend. In this case it's like Young replacing Montana.
  • 102 wins from the zany lefty with the whacky curve. Barry Zito is gone, but it was great to watch him pitch for these past six seasons. Even though he sometimes drove us crazy, it's like breaking up with that first girlfriend in high school. You knew that it wasn't going to last and it drove you crazy at times, but it's still sad to see it end because it means that you're officially growing up. Good luck, Barry. Unless you wind up with the Rangers or Angels, of course.
  • The bullpen. Holy mackerel, what a pen. Remember a few seasons ago when the A's were trotting out the nerve-racking Mecir, Koch and Rincon. Course, the funny thing is that you know that your pen is good when the pitcher you're most afraid of is the closer.
  • D-Fence! Chavez, Ellis, Swisher and even Scutaro on the infield. That's quiet a few hits that are smothered into oblivion. Then the outfield had three centerfielders patroling in Kotsay, Payton and Bradley.
  • The A's front office. How can you not be thankful for our group of alchemists routinely turning all kinds of lead into gold? From Frank Thomas off the scrap heap to a much better 2006 for Jason Kendall, it seems like the A's front office can weather almost any storm. And this year there were more storms than in any recent season with 15 players on the DL.
  • A most memorable season from a future Hall of Famer. It's unfortunate that Frank Thomas wanted to play his final two years on fake grass North of the Border, but Thomas provided the A's with so much drama this year. It can most definitely be argued that the A's would not have made the playoffs without the Big Hurt. When Thomas inevitably has his day in Cooperstown, A's fans will be able to say that we witnessed a legend's resurrection.
  • Ron Washington. Here's to Wash and all he did to make the A's infield defense what it is today. I trust that Bob Geren is going to make an excellent manager, but Washington was a classy man who always gave his all to the A's for many years. You'll be sorely missed, Wash. Best of luck...except when you play the A's.
  • I'm personally thankful for Nico, baseballgirl, Louis and Brian Durack. Your remarkable talent and enthusiasm for this community helps make AN the best community anywhere. I'm humbled by your fabulous contributions and thank the fates every night for you.
  • And last but most definitely not least, as an A's fan, I'm thankful for this AN community. I can't tell how much I've enjoyed finding so many knowledgable Athletics fans who wanted a place to meet and talk about our common passion. We may disagree about a potential move, the new manager and whether Eric Chavez is a leader, but that will never change the fact that we all bleed green and gold.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!