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A Fistful Not Enough

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Eric Chavez is done with his fistful and is now working on the second hand. He now has his sixth consecutive gold glove award at one of the most difficult positions to play in baseball.

How much these awards actually mean is debatable as Derek Jeter took the shortstop award instead of someone like Alex Gonzalez...

Mark Ellis, who had an absolutely remarkable season defensively, lost the award to Mark Grudzielanek of the Royals.

Still that makes Chavez one of the best defensive third baseman of all time, at least according to the gold glove awards (again, arguably an effective barometer). Only Buddy Bell and Brooks Robinson have won as many as Chavez in the AL.

Congrats to Eric Chavez. You have something to really shoot for next year, Chavy. You can leave no one between you and Brooks by winning a seventh.