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It Is Always Darkest Before The Dawn

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As a counselor, I have three favorite sayings to cite as the need arises. One is the "Serenity Prayer," which is worth remembering even if you are neither religious nor alcoholic. Another is "This Too Shall Pass," which applies to intense feelings and kidney stones alike. The third one is the title of this post.

If you're an A's fan, you always have to believe it is darkest before the dawn, because before the team comes together as a contender, first the shit must always hit the (hard core) fan. This is the time of year when Giambi goes "Eeney meenie miney moe..." and choose Moe. It's the time of year when Tejada is being shown the door, when Foulke is jerking you around, when Hudson and Mulder are suddenly gone, and you don't know yet how good a guy named Danny Haren might be.

The bad stuff always happens first. And then the A's assemble, from the scrap heap and the uniquely prescient and creative mind of Billy Beane, a contender. So here we sit, having subtracted only our ace, our cleanup hitter, and our city, and having made up for it by adding...



But luckily, dawn isn't due to arrive for another 4.5 months. Stay tuned...