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Bob Geren to be named A's new manager

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Anyone surprised?

<waits for show of hands>

Yeah, me neither.

SF Gate Article

The A's will announce as early as Friday that Bob Geren will be their new manager, according to multiple major-league sources. Geren has been on the A's staff for four years, serving as bullpen coach for three years before moving to bench coach in 2006.

Update [2006-11-16 23:31:46 by baseballgirl]: If I sounded negative, I'm really not. I'm glad we have a manager; I just question the process. That being said, Good Luck Geren, and welcome aboard!

Update [2006-11-16 23:31:46 by Cindi]: Omigod, Brittani's hair looks AWFUL tonight! Seriously, somebody HAS to do something!

Update [2006-11-17 0:7:9 by baseballgirl]: Cindi, this is serious! The A's have chosen a new manager! Do something with his hair so people will like him!

Update [2006-11-17 0:7:9 by Cindi]: OK so which one is Green? Is he the pitching manager or the hitting manager? (Sorry, I should know this)

Update [2006-11-17 0:24:48 by baseballgirl]: G-E-R-E-N, Cindi. Five little letters. Fits nicely into FIRE _ _ _ _ _ NOW! But he's new; we need to be nice. Maybe you could write a cheer for him?

Update [2006-11-17 0:24:48 by Cindi]: Yay--I love cheers!!! Gimme a "G" G is for Great Manager!!!! Gimme an "R" R is for Rally on, you Hotties!!! Gimme an "E" E is for Excellent!!! Gimme another "E" Wait, this E is for Excellent, the other one was for Ecstatic!!! Gimme an "N" N is for Nobody scores more points than the Hotties!!! What does that spell? Geren! What does that spell? Green! What does that spell? Geren! Goooo-oooo HOTTIES and super manager Billy Geren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update [2006-11-17 0:37:21 by baseballgirl]: Meh. Close enough. Say good night, Cindi.