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Ouch! That stove is HOT!

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Welcome to the gossip section of Athletics Nation, where fans barely finished mourning the end of the 2006 season before things started getting really interesting. Non-stop edge-of-your-seat drama as the off-season takes off, and the stove is crackling hot.

Oh, I'm just kidding.


  1. The A's are moving to the moon. Or Fremont. Either way.
  2. Frank Thomas is signing with the Blue Jays.
  3. Show of hands: Does anyone really think we won't hire Geren?
  4. We're going to need a DH.
What? You want commentary? Oh, fine.
  1. See my post below.
  2. Frank Thomas gave us a great year. He played above and beyond even the most optimistic projections, and basically blew everyone's expectations out of the water. However, people should know better that you simply cannot pay for past performance (see: Williams, Bernie). If someone wants to grossly overpay Thomas by locking him into a multi-year deal at a ridiculous amount of money, good for him. That's a wise financial decision for his life, and he'd be simply crazy not to go. That being said, the A's would be equally as crazy to try and match that offer. Frank Thomas is one of the best offensive players in the game, but fans of any team he plays for are going to collectively hold their breaths each and every time he a) walks out of the dugout b) steps into the batter's box and c) 'runs' the bases. It's not a matter of 'if', but 'when' his fragile body will catch up to him. It may hurt to lose him now, but if we tie up that kind of money in his salary and still end up using someone like Bobby Kielty as our DH, there will be many more unhappy fans on this site than right now. Not to mention, I've heard the possibility of three years????? Man. <shakes head> However, I don't think that Frank Thomas is a traitor, a sell-out, or a bad person. He simply was given an offer he could not (and should not!) refuse. End of story.
  3. If this does indeed happen, YAWN. I would say that Beane's decision in this case would surprise no one, yet alienate many. Why bother with the process at all? It's not like Geren is an undervalued commodity; he's kind of an unwanted one, judging from the lack of interest from around the league. But...whatever. I think it's a foregone conclusion, and has been for quite some time. However, my interest is piqued, if only slightly, at today's news that Quirk is out of consideration, leaving only Geren and Orel Hershiser, my dark horse pick.
  4. May I offer this diary for discussion? And although <shudder> Barry <gulp> Bonds <deep breath> is listed among the poll options, he's not really discussed. It's too bad he would be the worst addition to the clubhouse ever, because he has everything we are looking for; right down to filling the stadium for the remaining Oakland years. Logically, it would not be the worst move in the world, and he'd be a better DH choice than anyone we have, or probably could pick up, but man, would it take some brain-washing (or a lobotomy), for me to root for him, and I doubt even the A's clubhouse could absorb his issues. Of course, this again depends on better offers, and financial details. In the meantime, I'm going to ask Santa for Adam Dunn.
Excuse me; I must go shower now. So...discuss. :)