Keith Law ranks Zito #15 at best of free agents for '07

Keith Law from writes:

Zito is a third or fourth starter with the reputation of a one or a two. In fact, over the last three years, he's struggled badly when facing the two premier offenses in the AL, posting a 6.59 ERA against Boston and the Yankees while walking 47 men and allowing 18 homers in 83.3 innings. His control is below-average; only Daniel Cabrera has walked more batters in the last two years than Zito has. And should Zito's stuff slip at all, he becomes a fifth starter or a guy who needs to head to the National League, the current destination for asylum-seekers who fear AL persecution of their fringy fastballs.

Players that Keith Law ranked higher than Zito include GIL MECHE AT NUMBER 13, Ted Lilly at #12, Mike Mussina at #11, Julio Lugo at #9, & Andy Pettite at #6.  

What a joke.  Seriously, I subscribe to ESPN Insider to read this garbage???  Gil Meche ranked higher than Zito????  Zito a 3rd, 4th, or even 5th starter at best????  I just can't get over this idiot.