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I Was Totally Right!!! And I Was Completely Wrong!!!

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The great thing about baseball, among all the other great things, is that even the most respected experts can expect to get it right no more than about 50% of the time. If you had any doubt, check back to see how many pundits, In March, had the Tigers winning the AL Central, and how many, in early October, had the Cardinals being crowned world champs.

Like the rest of you, in 2006 I had some real Nostradamus moments and some real Nostril Dumb Ass moments. Here were some of mine...

I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT! In the face of much pre-season concern that the Rangers would be the A's main competition for the AL West, I predicted they would go 80-82. The Rangers went 80-82.

I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG! Having seen the White Sox surprise everyone by winning the AL Central, I cleverly picked a dark-horse to win the AL Central: The Cleveland Indians.

I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT! While Peter Gammons was leading the pre-season "Crosby for MVP" hype, I was leading the "below average hitter until he is willing to make adjustments, hits the other way, stops trying to hit HRs" wagon of bands. Crosby did not quite win the MVP award this year, nor the batting title.

I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG! Impressed with Dan Johnson's approach and maturity and less impressed with Swisher's, I offered the good news that DJ would re-adjust and hit more like when he first came up, while Swisher would be a late-bloomer who would not be a big contributor in 2006. Granted, Swisher had his problems at times, but...yeah, he was the better of the two. By far. A lot.

I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT! I expressed concern that Calero's unwillingness to throw the fastball more would catch up to him, and while Kiko proved me wrong most of the season by making the exact adjustment I wanted to see...his last batter of the season was Magglio Ordonez, who looked determined to look slider and took 6 in a row for a key walk in ALCS Game 4. A fastball gets him looking, Keeks.

I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG! I was so confident that Jason Kendall was no longer a .300 hitter that I publicly promised (threatened?) to parade around in front of grover's house, wearing nothing but a Yankees cap, if Kendall hit .300 this year. Luckily for us both, and for the entire community, Kendall settled for a .295 season--still way too close for comfort.

...What were yours?