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So the A's interviewed Ron Washington on Hallowe'en, while Bob Geren was quoted in the Chronicle as saying that he is confident Beane will "hire the best man for the job"...which can be many ways...

Anyway, fasten your seat belts because it's time to play...The DOOP game, where you try not to get duped!!! DOOP stands for Descending Order Of Probability. What follows is a list of some things that have to go right for the A's to win the AL West in 2007. Or at least, things that if they happen, the A's will have a much better chance of winning the AL West than if these things don't happen. Or at the very, very least, let's just say, "things that would be good."

Your mission, if you choose to accept it? Put the following in, as you see it, Descending Order Of Probability. If one of them doesn't seem all that important to you, you can rank it or you can identify it as not belonging in the group at all. Actually, you can pretty much do whatever you want about anything--aren't blogs great? Now, where was I? Oh yeah: The list, presented in alphabetical order by third letter (I know, I seriously need professional help)...

  • (1) Frank Thomas re-signs and turns in at least a 30 HR, 90 RBI season

  • (2) Bobby Crosby finally steps up to be an above-average offensive player in 2007

  • (3) The A's add a new starter (not already on the team) to the 2007 rotation

  • (4) Danny Haren emerges as a legitimate "front end of the rotation" (#1-#2) starter

  • (5) Daric Barton comes up by the 2007 All-Star Break and contributes positively to the offense (a la Howie Kendrick)

  • (6) No Western Division team sets the bar higher than 95 wins
Which are the most likely? Which are the most important? And are they same ones?