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Pack Your Bags, We're Going To Motown!

After the Tigers come to Oakland, of course. Who would have thought, when the Tigers choked away the division title, that it would work out well for both the A's and the Tigers?

The A's will now have home-field advantage in the ALCS, hosting games 1, 2, 6, and 7 while taking on a team that set the standard in baseball for 2/3 of the season before limping to a 19-31 finish...before rising up to knock the Yankees out of the post-season.

Be very afraid of Placido Polanco, who hits everyone well and turns it up several notches against the A's. Be wary of Carlos Guillen, who is the most underrated offensive SS in baseball. Don't throw too many strikes to the dangerous but free-swinging Pudge Rodriguez. And speed up your bats if you want to hit Verlander, Bonderman, and Zumaya.

It should be a lot of fun!