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ALCS: A's vs. TBD!

So I just found out what many of you apparently have known for a few hours: WE WON THE ALDS!!! As we all bask in the long-awaited glory of anticipating an ALCS in which the A's will actually participate, let's remember at least 5 reasons it's great to be an A's fan tonight:

  • saint, Duke In Left Field, Bleacher Dave, baseballgirl, and all the rest of you who were there "representing" on behalf of those of us who had to pretend to have careers--but were there in spirit, and were there through you. It was loud. It was electric. It was great.

  • Marco Scutaro, doubles machine

  • Justin Duchscherer, making it look way too easy and making me consciously have to remember that he was making his post-season debut in this series.

  • Milton Bradley filling up a cup of water and pretending he was about to pour it on Loaiza as they both laughed.

  • The A's getting the monkey off their back, and lending him to me for what would otherwise have been a lonely Friday night.

Keep celebrating, my friends, keep talking and dissecting every luscious moment knowing that the outcome was good. And remember that the Oakland Athletics are now officially 1-0 in "clinching games in AN's lifetime". Wear it, with pride.