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Mas Caminar Peez

So today was just awesome. But since I shared my daughter's illness story last time and it brought the team some luck, I figured, I'd share the story of today.

My daughter is almost 21 months old and she's addicted to being anywhere but the house. All day today she was bugging me to leave the house. She's still a little whiny from the illness, but mostly all better. It would start as "buh bye." And then a little more whiny, "buh byyyye." Then finally, "Buh BYYYYYYEEEE." She's not intrigued by TV in general and baseball just seems to especially bore her.

It then evolved to "Mas Caminar Peez." Which is her way of asking to go for a walk. The same progression happened..."Mas Caminaaaaaaar." MAS CAMINAAAAAAAR."

When Jay Payton caught that final out, I was bouncing around and I think she somehow figured out what was happening because for the rest of the day she walked around the house saying, "Go A's!" "Go A's" "Go A's"

Yes, she finally got to go Buh Bye and caminar con Papi. But she never stopped saying, Go A's. She even said it after a bite of Jell-O tonight (she's still not on a normal diet). I think the smile was still written all over my face.

It was a sweet, sweet day.

And Kenny Rogers beat the Yankees 6-0 tonight so with Jaret Wright taking on Bonderman tomorrow, the A's very well could get a healthy dose of Motown. I bet the TV execs are wringing their hands tonight praying for the Yankees to somehow pull through. I'm lovin every second of it.