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Since 2000, the A's looked a little like this:

That monkey is finally freaking gone. I know this is a different group and that's exactly the point. This is a group of players that didn't miss home plate. That didn't stop to argue an umpire's call. They didn't misjudge a ball in center field. They didn't misplay a ball at first base that opened a huge inning for the other team. For once, it was the OTHER guys who were doing those things. The A's were the ones making the throw to home to nail someone at the plate. Of course, he slid. But that's neither here nor there.

In many ways, the A's wound up being a deeper team. Granted, they didn't have the monster named Morneau, but they had a guy named Marco who quickly made himself most valuable. No question in my mind that Marco was the MVP of this series. He had a contribution in every game.

But it wasn't just about Scoot. Today, the invisible men known as Chavez and Bradley stood up and made their presence known. For those of you who said Chavez has never showed up in a big can stop regurgitating that over and over again. He was enormous today and it wasn't just the home run, it was the walk that allowed Payton to come to the plate. And Dennys Reyes has been a nightmare to lefties.

So the A's go into territory that they haven't been in since 1992. It's been 14 long years for A's fans. Celebrate like you f'ing mean it. This is a HUGE win for the Moneyball franchise.

The monkey can go write his memoirs for all I care.

The A's are going to the ALCS and as one very astute poster pointed out, you can't spell ALCS without "A-T-H-L-E-T-I-C-S".

Bring on the Yankees or Tigers. I personally would love to see the Yankees and finish that book that Michael Lewis started years ago. But right now, I couldn't give a rat's ass who it is...

LET'S GO A'S!!!!!!!!! A'S IN 2006!!!!!!!!!BEST FUCKING SEASON EVER!!!