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Baseballgirl to the Rescue

I just want to publicly thank baseballgirl for coming to my rescue today. I woke up this morning to a pool of reeking vomit in Maya's crib. Since she was on antibiotics from an ear infection, we thought she might've just had a bad mixture in her tummy with some decongestant we gave her last night.

So I cleaned up the crib while my wife fed her breakfast. I'm in the middle of cleaning the sheets and rinsing stuff off when my wife yells, "Oh no, she just threw up again."

More cleanup and call the doctor. I'm quickly opening the first thread and we're talking to the doctor when they ask that we come in and get there by 11 a.m. (a challenge since it is a half hour away). I quickly call baseballgirl, who clearly has lost her voice screaming during the postseason, and she doesn't even hesitate once I start telling her the story to say, "Just take care of your daughter and don't worry about the site. I hope they have a TV at the doctors!"

They didn't and I was there for over an hour. It turns out my little 20-month-old has a flu after just having two separate colds which resulted in both a sinus and ear infection. I love my daughter to death, but her time in daycare has not been very good to her.

Any way, I just finished watching most of the game on my DVR and let me just say, WOW. Mark Kotsay just became my favorite Athletic! Wait, scratch that, he already was. I won't rehash baseballgirl's account of the game because the Chavez at-bats are very disturbing. I would like to see either Payton or Swisher there in the next game. Chavy was swinging at pitches around his eyeballs, looking like he was a rookie again. I know it's a lot of pressure to hit behind Big Hurt, but the A's need someone up to the task to do that job.

Also, congrats to Marco Scutaro who I was very nervous about before this season started. He's been the unsung hero of both the first two games.

And Loaiza? I think he earned all $7 million for 2006 in this one game. I thought starting Loaiza in Game Two could've been a significant gamble, but it was a gamble that paid off greatly.

Finally, here's a funny story...I've told you all how I can't really get 1550 AM here in Sacramento, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to listen to the crackle all the way to the pediatrician. I met my wife in a parking lot as she was working near where the doctor's office was and as she was saying hello to my daughter in the back seat, I heard Controneo hollering through the static. I leaned in and heard, "AND KOTSAY HAS AN INSIDE THE PARK HOME RUN!!!!!!!!" I started yelling YES, YAHOOOOOOO in the parking lot with my arms extended and the next thing I hear is a little voice saying, "Yahooooo." I turned and looked back and my daughter had her arms raised in the backseat copying her father with a smile on her face. Despite the ear infection, sinus infection, flu, vomit and loose BMs, she still was happy as can be because I was happy as could be.

I'm a lucky, lucky man.