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It's Beane Week

On Friday, Billy Beane and I sat down for an interview that lasted more than an hour. I'm in the process of transcribing and hope to have it posted sometime early this week.

So, while you'll be listening to Billy tomorrow on KNBR cohosting with Ralph Barbieri, I'll be furiously transcribing. It should be interesting to hear what Billy's take on the NFL playoffs is. Mine is, don't look now, but things seem to be breaking toward a third straight Super Bowl for New England. The Patriots won, and Pittsburgh also upset Cincy to earn a ticket into the Manning Dome next week. The Partiots avoided a clash with the Colts at least until the AFC title game. Speaking of which, SportsBlogs has been expanding to other sports, in case you haven't noticed. We now have three football blogs, Windy City Gridiron (Bears), Blogging the Boys (Cowboys) and the most recent addition, Pats Pulpit (Patriots). I encourage you to share any other great football blogs you know of below as I'm always on the lookout for additions to the SB Family., back to transcribing.