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Link Dump 1/5: Pitchers, Portly Pitcher and Porn Stars

Yes, I'm joining the link dump fray. I'm actually working on something that's happening tomorrow, so I haven't had much time to post. But you'll be thanking me next week.

As for links, there isn't much out there. Mychael Urban openly asks if the A's rotation is the best in the American League.

I wonder if the A's do have the best rotation or if the White Sox are better. I'd say the White Sox are better until the A's prove otherwise.

The A's are rumored to be involved in a three-way deal with the Red Sox and Dodgers, according to the Boston Globe.

The market for David Wells appeared to have shrunk yesterday when the Padres signed lefthander Shawn Estes and the Dodgers traded reliever Duaner Sanchez to the Mets for righthander Jae Seo, but the Sox believe both clubs retain interest in the 15-game winner. The Sox have talked to the Dodgers and A's about a three-way deal for Wells, one in which the Athletics would get prospects, the Dodgers would get Wells, and the Sox would get a corner outfielder from the Dodgers plus a player from Oakland.

And finally, what is the world coming to when female porn stars are raping 15-year-olds? Next thing you know, teachers will be having affairs with their students. Oh wait...