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The Story on Food

I talked with our A's ticket contact today. The problem with those food vouchers is, as I suspected, they are normally sold as a part of an ANG promotion so they are separate.

He did offer something called "food bucks." That's basically we're buying dollars that can be used toward food. We don't get any discount on them or anything because it's an Aramark-run program. But our A's rep is going to call Aramark to figure out if they'd be willing to chip in $300 worth of free bucks if we buy $600 or something like that.

So, here's what it looks like:

We have about $3,117 in funds right now. We can buy the six tickets for $2,400 or so. I propose we use the rest of that money on food bucks regardless of what Aramark says about their donation. That way, we're providing the full baseball experience for the kids. Baseball just isn't baseball without the hot dogs.

I'm closing donations Wednesday at 6 p.m. PST. If you want to donate, please do so BEFORE that time. I'll talk with our A's rep on Thursday morning to close the deal.

capper3, are you local in the Bay Area? I figure it might be a good idea to drop the tickets off in person and I'd be honored if you'd be there when I do it since it was your wonderful idea that set this whole thing in motion. This is fan activism at its best.