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Charity Update (Your vote needed)

I talked with the A's today and here's the deal. There are basically two options.

Option 1: They can discount certain season tickets for us since we'll be donating these to charity. So, instead of $700 for the plaza level tickets, they can give them to us for around $400 a piece. That's for the weekend package which is 40 games.

Bottom Line: We have about $2,500 now which would get us about six tickets.

Option 2: People talked about wanting to include food in the donation. Well, the problem here is that we don't get a discount for a similar group of tickets. They're called Plaza Club and they would cost around $1,300 for one ticket.

Bottom Line: So, with this option, we would only be able to donate two tickets. But food is included.

After talking with our Sports4Kids contact, Evan Miller, he believes it would be better to go with option number one so more children would be able to have the experience. But I want to make sure that everyone has their say since this is a community effort.

I agree with Evan because we would be able to give four tickets for forty games to Sports4Kids and two tickets for forty games to the battered women's shelter.

I've attached a poll below for people to chime in. Let's hear it, AN.