Charity Idea.......

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a wonderful idea by capper3. I'm definitely on board with it. I can even start collecting donations through my PayPal account (send to blez - at - I'll need to investigate the Oakland Boys and Girls Club, but this is definitely a worthwhile cause and at the same time, would get some young kids into the A's and help fill up the stadium. I'm in for $100. - Blez]

Almost Reggie got me thinking. I want to buy season tickets to the A's to show my support both on the field and at the bank account. Two problems, I can't afford to buy season tickets and I live in SoCal. So I thought it would be a good idea to pool some AN philanthropists cash together for a pair of season tickets and donate them to some Oakland charity. This way AN could directly "put our money where our mouth's are" and maybe recruit some young A's fans in the process. The particulars would be hashed out: what charity, how would ANers give, etc. I picture giving the tickets to a Boy's and Girl's Club or an shelter where low income mothers or fathers can bring their child to a game. I do not know Oakland, so I would need some help with this one and of course would put it out for a vote. I would hope that the criteria would be which charity/organization can be trusted to give the tickets to those who can't get them on their own regardless of the charity's political/religious affiliation. The question should be who can be trusted.

I think two plaza level season tickets will cost about $3,000. If 100 of you give $30 that should do it. I know that there are 100 among us who can afford that. As the one proposing this idea I will pledge $300. That leaves 90 more pledges of $30.

What do you think AN? Update [2006-1-26 0:46:48 by capper3]: Don't forget to recommend this diary if you think its a good idea so that others see it. Thanks