Billy Got All His Men


Bradley and perez

Now Thomas

It is the deepest team we've ever seen in the Beane era.

It is his best offseason ever, and he's had a number of very strong ones-- including last year and 2000-01.

The offense will be one of the league's 3 or 4 best.

The pitching should be one of the league's 2 or 3 best.

It is comparable to 2001 in terms of before the season talent (I would argue better, some might say the same, others a little worse-- but the key point here is comparable.

Payton ain't going anywhere and in fact is a vital part of the team and its ability to basically have 6 players at the ready for 5 lineup positions. Bobby kielty may be expendable but if a major injury occurs, he suddenyl becomes part of the mix, particularly against left-handers.

Bring it on!!!