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Around The Corner: Spring Training

If you think Blez' little interview series is good, wait until I get done transcribing my 7-part interview with Cindi's cosmetology teacher. You won't believe who Craig really "like-like"s. No, it's not Dori--I know, that's what I would have said, too. on this Friday the 13th, let's just try to get to midnight without breaking anything, ok Bobby?

So let me say something which those who are veterans of this trip already know, but which newer fans may not: If you're thinking about planning a trip to see the A's in Spring Training, it is not early--in fact, it is getting late. Hotels, in particular, fill up quickly after the first of the year, as do game tickets for the weekend games that are in high demand. If you have never been, as someone who has made seven trips to Spring Training, either as a broadcaster or a fan, I am forced to recommend it highly. It is a special experience that is much different than watching a game in Oakland; there is an intimacy, a relaxed attitude, and a positive vibe that accompanies being in a smaller venue surrounded by the aura of hope and renewal.

One of the purposes of this post is to inquire about who is going when--perhaps groups of AN members will want to meet up and at least say "hi" to one another. There are basically two key weekends in play, as the A's are home from Saturday, March 11th-Monday, March 13th and from Friday, March 17th-Monday, March 20th. If you already have plans to go during one of those weekends (or any time during Spring Training), and you are interested in connecting with other AN members, you might want to note your plans on this thread as an informational starting point.

The A's Cactus League opener is in 48 days. But who's counting?