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Call Up Hiram

The A's will be calling up Ron Flores to help out in Texas since Arlington has a tendency of eating up pitchers like Lindsay Lohan swallowing diet pills.

But I'd also like to advocate for the A's calling up Hiram Bocachica. Bocachica was pressing for a roster spot in spring training and he's a great bench player because of his ability to play any position.

In spot duty at the end of the season in Sacramento, he was hitting over .400. He can play any outfield position, third base, shortstop and second base. Granted, he's never really proven himself at the major league level, but his versatility could be a great asset right now with Kotsay's back still cranky and Crosby out for a while longer. Not to mention Swisher's struggles.

So on this off day, here's a plea to add Hiram to the roster.