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Open Thread: Game 137 - A's vs. Mariners

The A's and Joe Blanton with an 8-10 record and a 3.54 ERA take on the Mariners and their Rich Harden, Felix Hernandez with a 2-2 record and a 1.84 ERA.

The schedule is definitely NOT breaking in the A's favor. The LAAAAAAA doesn't have to face the remarkable young M's pitcher and the A's get stuck facing the stud of the staff.

This after the A's struggled to score runs against Chacon and Aaron Small.

Scary. But if the A's can somehow put together some offense and Smokin' Joe is himself, this could be a good week for the Oakland crew because the Angels head into Boston tomorrow.

I have to open this thread a bit early, but I'll be back to open more threads. Remember the A's have come back to life like that cat from Pet Sematary.

Do they have more life in them? Let's hope so. I just fear that the offense is really that dependent on Bobby Crosby.

LET'S GO A'S!!!!!!!