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Bunting For Crooked Numbers

First of all, as far as I'm concerned this game was decided in the first 6 innings when the A's could not generate enough offense to get Duke in to start the 7th with a lead (or even a tie). Everything that happened from there related back to the fact that the A's trailed going into the 7th. But the 7th inning so beautifully illustrated a point I feel strongly about, so perhaps someone could kindly print out this summary, xerox it and then paste one copy on Mr. Macha's forehead, the other on Mr. Beane's forehead. I would be much obliged.

In the 7th inning today, the Yankees played classic Moneyball--by bunting. After getting the first two batters on, if Bubba Crosby had bounced into a double-play the Yanks would have been left with a runner at third and two out, and likely would not have scored at all. By sacrificing and staying out of the double-play, they allowed their high OBP guys, and their best sluggers, to get to the plate with runners on. In fact, by opening up first base they inspired the A's to issue a walk that put another runner on base. So then Sheffield walked (not if I was umpiring, but he did). And A-Rod got a hit. And then the Yankees even got the coveted 3-run HR. All made possible because they bunted with two on and nobody out.

Bunting with two on and nobody out--it's not just for 1-2 runs, it's for big innings, too. Plus, it has more fiber than 3 bowls of Total, and more cleansing action than the leading brand. I'm telling you: it's good stuff.