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Zito's Renaissance Finishes with a Thud

For Barry Zito, 2005 was a season of rebirth. Today, it ended with a subpar performance against many of the Angels bench players.

But Zito's resurrection shouldn't be overlooked. After his rocky start, he settled down to pitch very well in every month but September when opponents his .278 off of him. Whether or not that affects Billy Beane's decision about Zito's future is anyone's guess. I feel like Zito needs to remain a part of the team at least through next year, but mostly because we don't know if Rich Harden can pitch for an entire season yet.

The A's dream of a 90-win season came to an end today and again the offense was in part responsible. But Zito was too. We'll see if we get to see him in green and gold again. Or if this was his farewell performance.