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The Beauty of the A's

Granted the Angels didn't throw out their best lineup tonight, but Danny Haren successfully reached 14 wins in his first full season as a starter. It marks the beauty of this ballclub going forward.

Haren, Blanton and Harden are the foundation that will make this team competitive over the next five years. There are not three better young starters on one team in all of baseball.

Haren finishes the season with a 3.73 ERA in 217 innings pitched with 163 strikeouts and 53 walks. And this is just the beginning as Haren is locked up through 2009. Blanton will be locked up soon as well, I'm sure.

The question is, will Barry Zito be a part of that foundation which would lock up four spots in the rotation for several years to come? We shall see.

Speaking of foundations, congratulations to Eric Chavez who reached 100 RBIs despite one of the most horrific starts you will ever see a player have. Now let's make a goal to get Chavez going from the ring of the bell next see, K?