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Playoffs 2005

I put up a poll about this, but I wanted to hear what people thought.

If the A's get eliminated over the next week (yes, I still cling to that tiny, tiny sliver of hope of a miracle), but if they get eliminated, will you care about what happens in the playoffs? For me, I don't. I love the A's and once it's over for them, the season is essentially over for me.

I'll kind of pay attention and root for a team like the Indians (if they get in) because they are very much a Moneyball-style team. Low payroll, same Beane offensive philosophy. But usually once the A's are out, I'm largely checked out and looking forward to 2006. And the playoffs stand in the way of the fun of the hot stove and watching the offseason developments take shape. Last year, it was Hudson and Mulder being dealt. This year, there could potentially be just as much movement as the A's front office assesses what is needed for this team to take the next step.

But I want to hear from AN. What team do you root for if the A's get eliminated? Or are you like me and mentally check out waiting for the hot stove to start?