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So Close (Not Really) And Yet So Far Away - Plus ANtics!

For a lot of us here on AN, September of 2005 has looked eerily, depressingly similar to September of 2004, when the A's teased us with flashes of brilliance, only to just fall short.

Today's game lacked much brilliance on the part of the A's - barring Dan Johnson's homer and double, and the strong bullpen work from Flores to Harden and Calero. That's right - Rich Harden. He's BA-ACK. But in what capacity, and have the A's played themselves out so his presence lacks significance? The A's teased us again in the 9th tonight, being down by four, only to load the bases, and see Kotsay incapable of running out an infield grounder, ending the game.

Four down. That reminds me. We're now down four full games to the Knott's Berry Farm Angels, with seven to play, and we are on the verge of the biggest series of the year. This series, and our team's approach, is investigated in this week's ANtics!

Please consider this the post-game thread as well.

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What Will the Final Standings Show?

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    A's down by 3 games
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    A's down by 4 games
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