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Remove The Toe Tag: Corpse Is Still Warm

The A's hope that today's game will prove to be a microcosm of the season: down early, lost opportunities, too many double plays, almost given up for dead, and only ahead at the very end. In a game or in a season, it's better to lead at the end than it is to lead often. Hope is still alive.

I was at the game today, with fellow AN comerade andeux, where we had the pleasure of crossing paths with others from the AN crew. saint greeted us by immediately chiding me for not bringing a drum, and Melody stopped by to say, "Hi, I'm not sitting with you because I'd rather sit with almostreggie!" Good times. Then, after the game, we ran into robb and Huston123, and folks. Folks. Folks. I have to tell you: Omigod, no way is Huston123 more than 5'8". LOL