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Rickey Retiring as an A?

Susan Slusser has an article today talking about how Rickey Henderson might sign a one-day contract to retire as an Oakland Athletic.

It would be only fitting that Henderson retire as an A, but I'm not convinced that he believes he is finished yet so we might have to wait a while longer for that opportunity. It was not a coincidence, however, that Henderson was in attendance yesterday. They even showed him up on the large scoreboard and he got the biggest cheer of the day from the crowd who saw his brief cameo.

A few other quick notes:

  • First, it seems that Danny Haren is close to signing a contract that will keep him an Oakland Athletic through 2009 and an option for 2010. I think this is a brilliant move. With Blanton, Haren and Harden, the A's already have one of the brightest young rotations in baseball. Lock them all up just like they did with Hudson, Mulder and Zito before they become obscenely expensive.
  • Second, AN has been fixed so that it takes 350 comments for the comment section to automatically become threaded per the request of many. I (or Nico or Louis) will still open new game threads once the comments get around 200 or so. But this should keep those other threads from becoming impossibly unmanageable.
  • Last, the attendance yesterday was extremely disappointing to me. Not even 15,000 for a team that's fighting for a pennant? Granted Joe Kennedy was on the hill and not Rich Harden, but these games are so important. Every game is subsequently the biggest game of the season from here on out. Let's get some bodies in those seats.