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Ask Not What Your Offense Can Do For You

I mentioned this in the last game thread, but Angels starters over the past two series went 43 2/3 innings and only gave up a total of two runs. That's an 0.41 ERA.

It's amazing the A's were able to go 3-3 in the series and it speaks volumes about just how good the A's starting pitching and bullpen has been as well. Listen, the A's faced some very good pitching in Anaheim and without two key offensive players, you can imagine that the team will struggle to score runs against quality pitching teams.

Joe Kennedy pitched very well tonight and was helped by some stellar defense, mostly by Mark Ellis and Jay Payton. The A's also aren't helping themselves in my opinion. I think you bunt for one run in the first inning when you think you have a starter that can shut the opposition down for a long time, but why bunt there? And why would DJ bunt in the ninth? Granted, he could've had a base hit if he placed the bunt right, but Rodriguez has hardly looked impressive against the A's this season.

So, on September 2, with 29 games left to play, the Angels and A's are tied for the division lead. But the A's face the daunting task of remaining in it without their co-Ace, starting shortstop (and number three hitter) and a gold glove-caliber centerfielder and their number two hitter.

Perhaps the Yankees patchwork starting pitching can help the A's offense get healthy again. And maybe Chavy's bat will thunder since he'll finally be at home with his newborn son. Maybe Kots returns tomorrow as well.

Because, and I'm sorry for quoting President Kennedy twice in once post, One person can make a difference and every person should try.

By the way, Chavy was just on Best Damn Sports Show and I think he's got a future in comedy. Barry Zito couldn't make the interview for whatever reason and Chavy acted like both Zito and himself, answering questions as Zito. It was pretty hilarious. You should try and catch it if you can.