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A Dozen Reasons To Love Leaving Fenway (Postgame & ANtics!)

In what has been an up and down season for the A's, showing streaks of greatness followed by troughs of despair, this 4-game series at Fenway Park highlighted much of the 2005 campaign. Two gritty one-run losses despite great pitching. Too many double plays. And now, a blowout, as the A's put up 12 runs against the BoSox, chasing Matt Clement after only an inning and a third, and winning the game by a score of 12-3.

Chief to today's shellacking was the solid hitting, including two long home runs, by the simultaneously adored and reviled Eric Chavez, who powered the blowout with three hits and five RBIs. On the season, Chavez now has 25 home runs and 94 RBIs, to go with a .270+ average and continued sparkling play at third.

Chavez's strong season in light of unprecedented expectations, is explored in this week's ANtics!

Please consider this the post-game thread as well.

Anybody noticing the A's were up 12-0 in Blez' thread, and were outscored 3-0 in mine... can attribute that to sheer coincidence.

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