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Large. Huge. Gigantic. That pretty much perfectly sums up tonight's huge win in Boston. The A's were basically looking to try and split the four games in Boston and Joe Blanton started things off the right way by only allowing two runs to the vaunted Boston offense. The A's still need to squeeze out another win out of the remaining three games, but it's good to beat Curt Schilling even if it isn't really Curt Schilling.

The A's got to Schilling early and I held my breath because the Red Sox have been coming from behind all season long. But Blanton pushed aside my doubts for 6 1/3 and the bullpen closed the door. Rincon and Street did their job (even though Rincon allowed a run to come home, he got an out and minimized the damage). And kudos to Justin Duchscherer for coming back tonight and closing the door.

Mark Kotsay is also rounding back into form nicely, hitting .333 for September so far. Jason Kendall even had two hits tonight (he also had a double play ball, but we can ignore that for an evening). And welcome back, Nick Swisher, we missed you.

Oh, and things look good in Anaheim right now because the tigers are pounding Shrek. It's 8-4 as I write this, but this one looks like it could wind up 14-13 before it's over.

It's a beautiful day. Savor it because Kennedy against Wakefield tomorrow has me shaking.