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A's Are Going Wild

Everything seemed stacked against this team tonight. Sabathia has been nasty lately. But the A's worked a walk, a stolen base and a key Jason Kendall base hit to score a run that would ultimately be the winning run.

Kendall, for all the grief he's gotten (deservedly so for all the double plays), also threw out a runner in a key inning.

But ultimately, it impressed me to no end how Danny Haren came back from what was possibly his poorest outing of the year. 6 2/3 innings of four hits, no runs and seven strikeouts to earn his 13th win of the season. Remember, this is a guy who started the season 1-7. So, he has gone 12-3 since then.

And what can be said about Huston Street that hasn't already been said? The guy just has ice in his veins. The A's absolutely needed this win tonight in a place that's been a house of horrors for this team in recent years.

The best part about the win tonight? Eric Chavez didn't do anything and the team somehow scraped out a victory. And each day the A's get closer to getting Bobby Crosby back.

Oh, and I'd like to see Bocachica get more at-bats coming down the stretch. I'm telling you, this guy knows what he is doing in the batter's box and came very close to blowing the game wide open in the sixth inning. But Blake made a beautiful catch.

The A's are back to only a game and a half behind the Indians for the Wild Card with Saarloos facing Millwood tomorrow. It would be nice to have Harden going, but Los Kirk has pitched big games for this team all year. Let's hope he can do it again.

Let's get fired up, AN!!!