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The Marathon Becomes a Sprint

20 games left and the A's will be at least two games back.

The A's survived Arlington winning two out of three. But the Angels swept the struggling White Sox. So, the deficit in the West remains at two.

It didn't look good going into the game because the A's were essentially starting their sixth starter in Kennedy and the Rangers had their ace camera-tosser going.

But the A's had a lead and it inevitably got Arlingtoned.

It's now down to which team can last. The A's go into Cleveland now looking to make some noise and at least positioning themselves closer to a playoff birth. It's going to be a challenge, but the A's could be receiving reinforcements soon. Apparently Harden will be finally starting at the end of the week in Boston. And the speculation that Hiram Bocachica will soon be joining the team is growing.

Bocachica has been absolutely awesome for Sacramento and I don't have to tell you what Harden means for the team.

20 games. A playoff spot at stake. Let the best team win.