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Open Thread: AN Day Approaches

The tickets are all safely in your hands. The guests are almost all lined up (I still have a couple possibilities that I'm working rigorously to try and secure).

I called the A's today to confirm that it was OK to create and hang signs from where we'll be sitting. It turns out the A's don't have problem with signage. Green N Gold Girl got the jump on everyone else with her "high socks" sign (see her diary).

I recommend getting there as early as possible. The barbecue will only be available from 11 a.m. until the minute the national anthem starts. Plus, you want to get an Eck jersey, don't you? We'll also have our special guests showing up early and we'll be conducting a fun trivia contest to give away some prizes.

Two quick notes. A special note of thanks to baseballgirl, who graciously agreed to make the name tags for the event which will ask you to fill in your real name and user name.

And finally, giambizombie, a regular here at AN and the guy who makes all the great AN apparel recently welcomed a new addition to his family this past weekend. Yet, he's still going to be there this weekend at AN Day. Talk about dedication! Let me just say publicly, congrats to him and his wife on their new bouncing baby boy. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. And now you'll know why he looks like a zombie come AN Day.

You can use this as an open thread for AN Day planning or any other pending issues, such as the biggest series of the A's year starting about 21 hours from now.

LET'S GO A'S!!!!!!!