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That'll Do, Pig. That'll Do.

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After Chez Nico split two games, Casa de Batgirl won--to put it mildly--the rubber game of the three-game "extravaganza" series. Hopefully, one of the casa's attendees will see fit to immortalize the gathering in diary glory. A great time was had by all, as dead animals were barbecued (but enough about the Royals' pitching staff), and much laughter, mirth, frivolity, and joy prevailed throughout another astonishing afternoon of A's dominance.

Dan Johnson: Good enough to give the league a two-month head start and still make a strong bid for Rookie of the Year honors. There comes a point where a player doesn't allow there to be a choice, and if DJ continues at anything like the pace he's on right now, the real race will be for runner-up. Wow.

One other note I wanted to put out there for discussion. To my eyes, Kotsay's bat looked very slow through the strike zone (as if the bat was heavy), making me wonder just how close to 100% his back really is.